Sunday, November 13, 2016

Steve Cioccolanti Full Exposure

Q: Who is Steve Cioccolanti?

A: Cioccolanti is a FALSE prophet, a husband with 3 wives and 2 divorces. #Steve Cioccolanti divorce

Full Evidence of the following claims in this link.
  1. Cioccolanti calls Christians to vote for Donald Trump whom he prophesied to be the 'ruler of the world.' The "ruler of the world" is a title of Satan according to Jesus Christ. (see John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11).
  2. Cioccolanti preaches Numerology, Astrology, and Bible codes – the deep things of Satan. (see Revelation 2:24)
  3. Cioccolanti teaches you how to use Numerology to perform fortune telling (predict stock market, weather, etc.), and how to use such Satanic arts to incite hatred against Obama and Hillary, to promote Donald Trump – "the ruler of the world."
  4. Cioccolanti recommends you to buy his polo shirt to get ready for Armageddon.
  5. False prophet Rick Joyner is Cioccolanti's guru.
  6. Cioccolanti promotes closet Masonic occultist Billy Graham!
  7. Cioccolanti preaches famous Freemason George Washing's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation" – the 110 Masonic rules based on a set of rules composed by French Jesuits in 1595. No wonder Cioccolanti defends Rome.
  8. Cioccolanti twists Luke 22:36 to supports gun use and uprising.
  9. Cioccolanti preaches obligated tithing to his followers so that they may fund his Satanic teachings which will lead them to hell.
  10. Cioccolanti promotes an unbiblical vision from a 15-year-old Jewish boy, telling you NOT to put God in a Christian box, seducing you to worship an unbiblical god!
  11. Cioccolanti has married 3 women; his kids' nanny is now his third wife.
  12. Cioccolanti advertises himself as an expert in marriage counselling while he himself is in his third marriage to his kids' nanny! 
  13. Cioccolanti blames Obama for the existence of ISIS, to cover up for his Jesuitical master in Rome!
  14. Cioccolanti twists the Bible and makes Saudi Arabia the mystery babylon to cover up for Rome
  15. Cioccolanti misrepresents Bible prophecies and history to defend Rome
  16. Cioccolanti ignorance is profound – preaching a Nisan 14 Passover, and his "Jesus" was crucified on Nisan 14. According to the Scriptures, Passover is on Nisan 15. The Passover Lamb was killed at the very beginning of Nisan 15. That is, the evening of Nisan 14. A Hebrew day starts from sunset, not sunrise.
  17. In Cioccolanti's confused mind, the 6th seal is already opened, because there have been earthquakes around! The earliest earthquake for which we have descriptive information occurred in China in 1177 B.C.. (source:
  18. Cioccolanti is so profoundly insecure, that he can’t handle any criticism, so he bound his cult with Satanic oaths not to criticize him
  19. Cioccolanti abuses the copyright law to silence critics!
  20. Now Cioccolanti employs DMCA Takedown to remove this very blog!

Jesus Christ loves His wife – the church, so much, that He died for her. Steve Cioccolanti dirvoced two women, one of the women he divorced is his kids' mother, to marry the nanny! Yet he still has the audacity to proclaim he is a Christian, a pastor, a Bible teacher, a prophet... Yes, he is a hypocrite and an antichrist!

Evidence source: and retrieved October 4, 2016.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Steve Cioccolanti - A Pastor to Avoid

Steve Cioccolanti - A Pastor to Avoid


Cioccolanti’s teachings on eschatology play fast and loose with conspiracy theories, numerology, and space aliens.  His speculations range from rational to bizarre, especially when he starts talking about the “cover-up” at Roswell.

Steve has written a book titled, “The Divine Code from 1 to 2020.”  While reading the reviews, it appears there are a lot of claims about the symbolism of numbers and why it is important that we know about such things.

From his church site, under “Core Beliefs,” there is this statement about women in ministry:   "Women are an integral part of the Body of Christ which is neither male nor female, with gifts differing according to the grace that is given to them."  So does this mean that Steve believes women should be in leadership positions such as elders and pastors?  With all his other problems, I think he might very well lean that way - but there was no clear teaching about it that I could find.

Like many others in the charismatic genre, according to his church’s “Core Beliefs,” they  teach "divine healing" - with members of the church being the healers.  I believe this gift was limited to the Apostles.  Additionally, he has DVDs teaching this stuff, and he also makes one's "words" important in healing - positive confession stuff, i.e, like the “Word of Faith” (he has a whole section headed, "speak words of life," under prayers for healing).

Again under his church’s “Core Beliefs,” there is a paragraph titled, “Total Provision,” which comes across as what I would call “Word of Faith lite.” Cioccolanti does not appear to be like the average WOF, “name it and claim it” teachers from what I could tell, in that he seems stay away from the extreme end.

In the “pray” section on his church’s site, Cioccolanti has many rote prayers, as well as including Scripture about the subject under discussion.  A lengthy prayer for his church ends with this statement: "We are a supernatural church, composed of supernatural people doing supernatural things, for we are laborers together with God."
This immediately sends up red flags - in what way does he see his church and people being “supernatural,” and what “supernatural” things to they do?  I couldn’t find any answers to those questions on the site.

In his "prayer" for the nation (he gives Australia as the example), Steve does the same thing so many U.S. Christians do - he claims the promise of 2 Chron. 7:14.  I wrote about that abuse of Scripture on my blog here.

Cioccolanti teaches the very aberrant “spiritual warfare” model of “binding” Satan, as well as a whole prayer which includes claiming “the blood” of Christ.

The prayer by members for the pastor is very, very presumptuous, telling God that His Spirit rests on Cioccolanti, etc.  And towards the end of the prayer they tell God that they will stand by their pastor and not criticize him, etc.  So if he teaches error, they pray that they won't confront him with it!

His "prophet's prayer" is claiming during the prayer that the person praying is indeed a prophet!  Shades of NAR and IHOP!

In his "pledge to sexual purity" prayer, Cioccolanti specifically says that God spoke to him!  "God told me to challenge people to make a personal pledge to sexual purity in 4 areas."  God TOLD him.  Direct revelation!  Right.

In his prayer for "studies and exams," Steve again claims to know what God wants; "If you’re a student, God wants to put you above the rest of the class."  This guy reminds me a whole lot about Beth Moore with all HER claims of direct revelation (although she doesn't claim to be a prophet.)  Then he says the two things you must do to pass exams are to (1) pray for an hour in "tongues" and (2) "confess the Scriptures" - yep, name it and claim it!

Cioccolanti is part of the whole "Rhema" charismania association, which, puts him right in shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Kenneth Hagan and the rest of the WOF crowd.

  • So here is the summation about problems with Steve Cioccolanti:
  • Aberrational eschatology
  • Fascination with numerology
  • Apparent acceptance of women in pastoral roles
  • Divine healing teachings
  • Aberrant Word of Faith teachings (including “name-it-and-claim-it”)
  • Claims of supernatural powers for both himself and his church
  • Misuse of Scripture (i.e., poor hermeneutics)
  • Aberrant and false spiritual warfare teachings
  • Not accountable to his congregation for any teaching errors
  • Claims to be a prophet
  • Claims direct revelation from God

This is NOT a pastor who can be trusted with solid Biblical teachings.